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Thursday, January 1st, 2015 11:01 am
Or Doctor Who does Inception (with a bit of the Matrix mixed in). Even though it really did feel like one huge rip-off, and didn’t really seem to bring much new to the idea of dreams within dreams, I still very much enjoyed it. I’d been worried that I wouldn’t, as I hadn’t enjoyed much of the last series, but this was massive amounts of fun, with fantastic characters who actually seemed to have a little depth, and plenty of humour for Christmas, something that’s been sorely lacking in recent Christmas episodes.

I was disappointed when Clara being old turned out to be a dream, though. I loved the brief idea that she’d been like that all episode but because we were seeing her through the Doctor’s eyes she was still young. And I thought that would have been a nice way to end it, with her seeming content with it and the Doctor quietly facing up to what inevitably happens when he leaves his companions behind.

I did thoroughly love Nick Frost as Father Christmas. I thought he was great! And, which I only noticed when the credits came around, Dan Starkey as one of his elves!

Oh, and also? I actually felt like there was some chemistry between Clara and Danny in this one. I really enjoyed their dream Christmas. Weird.