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Birthdate:Nov 27
I started writing fanfiction in 2007 when I stumbled upon the Doctor Who/Torchwood fandom on Livejournal, and it got me through a very rough period. Around about 2010-2011 I started to re-engage properly with real life (thanks largely to the friendship and support of the many wonderful people I'd met on LJ) and the fic started to peter out. In the lull after Christmas 2017, I finally got an itch to work on and try to get posted some of the fics I started but never quite finished enough to post, so fics are slowly starting to appear again in my journal.

Nearly all of what I write is Doctor Who and Torchwood, and most of it is about Jack Harkness, because a) I've been a John Barrowman fan for a very long time since seeing him in Phantom aged 24 and b) the character of Captain Jack just fascinates me. There's just so much there to work with! There is some Buffy and Angel fic too (and crossovers between that and Doctor Who) because Buffy was my first fandom, and still fascinates me too.

All my fic can be found by using the tags list in this journal (search by pairing, fandom, or just under the tag 'fic by me'.) I also have a fic journal, [info]unfeatheredfics, which contains master lists (with links) of all my fics. However, to be honest, my writing was already starting to peter out by the time I started that comm and there's not much there, so from 2018 I'm going to stick with posting in my Dreamwidth journal (with automatic cross-posts to LJ) as it's simpler, and it's where I normally look for my fics anyway!

I am happy to beta other people's fics - I used to do that a lot before life got too manic, but I'm getting back into it again. I can help with grammar, punctuation etc. on any fic, though obviously characterisation depends on whether I know the fandom. I'm also really hard to squick and very happy to beta PG-17/dark/non-con fics that others might balk at!

I got introduced to role-playing late in 2007 and got totally hooked. Initially, I played a lot of different characters from Doctor Who and Buffy, but after a few years that too whittled itself down to just Captain Jack Harkness. Since late 2012, he's the only character I've played, and I'm still finding new things to do with him, despite a frustrating lack of new canon. I play him in memes over at [community profile] bakerstreet and [community profile] the_love_hotel using my character journal [personal profile] forever_jack, which also contains a list of all threads played and any open threads I'd love to play in. And since September 2018 I'm now playing him at [community profile] kollo_rpg, continuing a storyline that's been going over six years now!

Real life
In real life, I'm a wife and mother, and host to a gorgeous golden-grey tabby cat called Kaspar. I run a household, I work part-time from home as an audio typist, I run a shop on Etsy – [ profile] wombleknits, I'm the secretary for my local drama group with whom I also sing and act and occasionally chaperone, I do folk dancing on a Saturday morning, and I also enjoy baking.

Unsurprisingly, with all that lot going on, I don't get round to doing a lot of cleaning!

PLEASE NOTE that virtually all of my 'real life' posts are friends-locked, mainly because a lot of them are about my son and/or husband and I don't really want that 'loose' on the Internet. And if you friend me without us having talked, I'm really not likely to friend you back until we have talked, so you won't be able to see these posts. Just so you know.


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