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2017-04-15 11:34 pm

The Pilot (DW 10.1)

At last, a companion I take to straight away! I didn't really expect to, but I really liked her! Still can't really see the point in Nardole, but at least he wasn't too annoying. And the Doctor was on top form, fabulously quirky and eccentric and just completely adorable.

Looking forward to the rest of the season, and hoping it will be even better than last year. :-)
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2015-12-05 11:47 pm

Hell Bent (Doctor Who 9.12)

I think this may be one I really have to watch again before I really know how I feel about it. Spoilers )
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2015-11-22 03:06 pm

Face The Raven (Doctor Who 9.10)

Well. Looking back on the episode, I can't really seem to remember much actually happening, but I enjoyed it so it can't be all bad. Spoilers )
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2015-11-07 10:34 pm

The Zygon Inversion (Doctor Who 9.8)

Awesome. Best episode since the anniversary episode, because like that one it actually made me feel. There are probably a lot of plotholes, but right now I don't care, because being made to feel things is what I watch these things for and I've missed that!
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2015-09-26 10:17 pm

The Witch's Familiar (Doctor Who 9.2)

Well, that was the first episode in well over a year that I really, really enjoyed. Spoilerish )
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2014-09-06 08:27 pm

Robot of Sherwood (Doctor Who 8.3)

Well, that was more like it! What a romp! It got a bit overtly meta at the end (I don't think spelling out what it's all about is at all necessary at this point) but all in all, extremely enjoyable and lots of fun. Put a big grin on my face!

ETA: Oh, also? Was anyone else struck by how very much Ben Miller looked like Anthony Ainley with that beard?
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2013-10-12 04:44 pm

Doctor Who – The Aztecs

I have to admit, I was rather ridiculously excited to be getting 'new' (i.e. new to me!) classic Who on telly again and tried not to get my hopes up too far as the last couple of First Doctor stories I've watched, I've found pretty boring. But this was one was great! Really good pacing – barely a dully moment! – a witty script, beautiful costumes, a fantastic storyline for Barbara that really allowed her to shine, Ian looking gorgeously handsome strutting around being heroic, a softer side to the Doctor (how cute was he flirting???) and not too much of Susan. Jack and I watched the whole thing in one sitting and both thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thank you Watch! :-)