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Saturday, June 24th, 2017 11:26 pm
(Long enough that I can't actually remember, but it's possible it was Buffy's Chosen or Angel's Not Fade Away. Though to be fair, I probably would have with Blink if I hadn't been away on holiday with my family.)

Anyway. Wow. That was awesome, second time around included. I love the way the passage of time is used (reminiscent of The Girl Who Waited but different enough not to bother me). I love Missy - she is such fun. Pearl Mackie is awesome, effortlessly drawing me in and bringing me along with her on her adventures. I shall be truly sorry if this is the last we see of her (even if it would be cheap to bring her back now). John Simm was incredible too, and I did not recognise him AT ALL until seconds before the reveal when his hints got less and less subtle. Cannot wait to see how that turns out, with him and Missy and the Doctor all together! Capaldi was amazing as always too, of course, and I'm going to be as devastated to lose him as I will be to lose Bill.

Also, the partially converted Cybermen were genuinely creepy. Their reveal was far less subtle than in Dark Water but in a way I enjoyed the gradual building up of the patients into more and more obviously Cybermen. It was very well done, as was the whole episode. Loved it.


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