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Sunday, September 28th, 2014 08:14 pm
Also the Doctor was particularly obnoxious. Although, actually, if the idea was to make us start liking Danny in comparison, it worked! One really good moment when Danny stood up to the Doctor in the TARDIS and got all sarcastic, and pointed out that he was every bit a soldier as Danny, just an officer rather than one of those who actually have to go out and fight people. And another at the end when he showed he wasn't going to take any more bullshit from Clara. He definitely went up in my estimation.

But the rest of it felt very, very much like Rose and Mickey with Nine, except without the humour. Very uncomfortable, actually, most of it. And still not getting any real chemistry between Clara and Danny. There was one moment in the school corridor, can't remember when, but he smiled to himself and I actually felt it for that one moment, but the rest of the time? Nope. Possibly a good part of this is because they're jumping past all the important moments in their relationship in the various incredibly quick snapshots we're getting here and there, and leaving us without any real feeling of why on earth Clara would be stating that she's in love with this guy. We just haven't seen that happen!