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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 11:11 pm
I am so tired of the boring, characterless Paternoster Gang, and of the boring, characterless Clara, who is perky and sassy and precious little else. I have to admit that during the first half-hour or so I was even bored by Peter Capaldi, though he at least did get to shine later on, and Clara got to be cool later on when facing off with the android. Jenna Coleman, at least, seems to be a decent actress, even if her character has no character. But god, even the plot was just yet another recycling of a previous one!

Surprise!Matt Smith was actually quite a relief in that it actually generated a bit of emotion from me, though I really have trouble understanding why Clara, of all people, should have trouble understanding regeneration, considering she's the only companion I can think of who actually knew about regeneration and had met other regenerations before being faced with 'her' Doctor regenerating!

I also didn't like all the stuff about how old Twelve looks. The Doctor's looked older before, ffs! And he never acted 28 or however old he actually looked! What difference does it make how old he looks? That irritated me.

All in all, not impressed, and a bit pissed off because I was really looking forward to this and I feel rather cheated. Here's hoping it gets better.

ETA Also? This review says pretty much everything I wanted to say, but in far more detail than I could. There's also a fascinating revelation in the comments about exactly why I have such a problem with Moffat's work.


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