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Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 10:00 pm
Well! Plenty of fun with the multiple Doctors, but I have to say, all the bits with Elizabeth I and the Zygons left me cold and felt rather like padding. Perhaps I would have been more interested if I'd actually seen some of the classic Zygon stories. I also found the storyline a little too timey-wimey and confusing, and can't help wondering what casual fans made of it. I kept getting distracted wondering how they each got back to their TARDISes etc.!

I did, however, love the ending. The fact that both 'Gallifrey burned' and 'Gallifrey's in a time lock' *can* both be true. And the fact that all twelve – no, all thirteen! – Doctors made it happen. The fact that they were all there on our screens, even if just for a moment, was very, very special.

And I loved that Billie wasn't Rose too.

And OMG Tom Baker! Couldn't fail to recognise that voice! Makes up for him not being in The Five Doctors properly, I guess. A real, massive shame that Christopher Eccleston wouldn't be in this one, though. All three post-War Doctors would have been amazing. Even just some reason for Nine not being there (that the Time War was too close for comfort for him?) would have been good!

So... not the greatest of stories, for me, but some lovely, lovely touches and it left me feeling very happy. :-)

And more thoughts as I come up with them:
Nice to have a little shout-out to Jack, though I can't imagine why he would give up his wriststrap to UNIT! May be a story there, methinks!

Astrogirl mentioned how nice it would have been to see Eight instead of Hurt here and even without the weight of being really invested in Eight myself, I have to agree. I love Paul McGann and while I also love John Hurt, I didn't really get to feel much for his Doctor here. I honestly can't see (since McGann was obviously up for being involved) why they couldn't just have had Eight here instead.


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